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Avery Rocking Chair

Avery Rocking Chair

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Close your eyes and relax your body and soul while swinging back and forth. Simply lean back, breathe deeply, and enjoy the rocking chair A swinging lounger brings the highest level of comfort to any patio or garden area thanks to its ergonomically shaped lying surface. This rocking chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for transporting to the beach or storing in a small space. It is ideal for gardens, balconies, porches, and backyards. The rocking chair is more comfortable than regular chairs, and the use of terry cushions makes it softer, allowing you to lie comfortably for reading, entertaining, or resting. 


49.2" x 43.3" x 33.5"


• Type: Living Room Furniture
• Style: Minimalist Modern
• Material: Genuine Leather

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