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Boho Furniture: Embrace the Eclectic Charm in Your Home

When we have our property, it is our own personal space – a location where we can feel truly ourselves. It is a part of the world that we can use to bring out our own personality and show off our own passions and interests. This is best carried out through smart home decorations and accessories. Today, though, many people feel most inspired by the use of ‘Boho furniture’ and add-ons.

The concept of ‘boho furniture’ can feel new, yet it has been around since 19th Century France. Like much of 19th Century French culture, the intellectual and artistic class began to rebel against and reject ‘traditional’ society and all of its trappings. This unconventional, more individualistic approach led to the creation of an entire fashion industry that is still booming today.

Indeed, the growth of bohemian designs has been inspired by the ‘original bohemians’ – the creatives of their day, ranging from artists and writers to those who value creative thinking over coin.

The benefits of Bohemian furniture

There are many benefits to making your interior design ideas revolve around a more bohemian style. If you are wondering why it might be best to design your home in a more boho manner, consider the following reasons as a fair starting point:

Socially suitable

For example, boho furniture is perfect for a more laid-back, socially-friendly atmosphere. If you want to make your home feel as open and accessible to others as people, bohemian-inspired furniture can make that clear. Most furnishings in this style tend to be very friendly and extravagant.

Those who enjoy having regular social company can create friendly and welcoming sitting spaces using bohemian furniture. It tends to feel more open-minded and inviting than the colder, more calculated nature of many modern and more traditional alternatives.

Unique combinations

The primary factor in why bohemian furniture can feel so different from a more traditional style of decoration is the unicity. You can walk into several homes one after the other and find that they look very much alike. They might differ slightly in accents or colouring, but the general style can take some effort to differentiate from one home to the next.

By contrast, bohemian furniture collections are rarely going to be the same. Everyone has their taste when it comes to boho items. This means that everything feels truly your own – individualistic, creative, and unique. For those looking to ensure their home stands out a lot more, having a more bohemian-minded selection can be just what you are looking for.

Making the most of nature

Most boho furnishings are also made using materials that are more natural than synthetic. They tend to use a lot of wood, stones and other textiles. That tends to create a more natural look, and you tend to know that your furniture is made from sturdy stuff that will last. So long as you care for your boho furniture, it is far less likely to break and degrade than something more typically found on the market.

Show off your true self

Lastly, it offers a bit of your personality to flow into your home. You can tell a lot about someone based on how they decorate their home. With a more boho style, you make it clear that you are someone with a more creative, experimental outlook than others. That can be very enticing!

How can you use boho furniture to your own advantage?

The main challenge with being ‘boho’ with your furniture choice is escaping the traditional trends of the modern day. For example, many people focus strongly on trying to fit in with what they see as acceptable via design magazines, blogs, and media.

For example, watching a home décor video online might inhibit your creativity. Ask yourself this: who are you decorating your house for? It is your home, so it should be designed for you!

If you intend to sell your home, then yes, it might make more sense to go for a more typical look. The less work a buyer has to do, the better, after all. If you are staying in your home, though, why would you design it to the tastes and interests of someone else? Who are you trying to impress, if not yourself?

Whether that comes down to choosing more abstract couches and sofas to the use of creative coffee tables is entirely up to the individual. Boho furniture, though, is easily added to your home simply because you pick what inspires you. Do you prefer more wooden accents? What about a low-down sofa in a unique shape, like this bear sofa?

You do not always have to stick to the kind of ‘safe’ and generic sofa stylings others go for. You can allow your personality to shine through instead.

Storage, too, can be suitably Boho when you want it to be. Everything from your bookcases and shelving to your cabinets can be another way to help show off the more eccentric, creative side of your personality.  Storage is something we often feel required to play it safe with, but more creative chests of drawers and cabinets can be the finishing touch that allows a room to show off its full charisma.

Instead of trying to pair some classic Burmese style décor with generic storage, for example, you could use this side cabinet for something a bit more suited to the theme and mood of the room.

Do not ignore the benefit of having unique sculptures that can help work in conjunction with your personality. From contemporary sculptures that relate to your heritage to artworks that remind you of your passions, Boho furniture comes in so many forms.

Boho furniture allows your own self to shine through

It does not matter who you are; finding something bohemian that fits your personality is easy. You need to look beyond the generic; embracing your interests is paramount to making the most of bohemian accents and upholstery.

Look at our boho furniture collection today, and you should have no problem allowing your personality to shine through.


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