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The Japandi Trend - Japandi interior decoration

For centuries, humans have enjoyed using their own creative ideas to help put together highly imaginative and evocative styles. Most of the time, new trends and styles come along as an inspiration from other cultures. Sometimes, though, the best trends come alive due to being a wonderful combination of two different cultures at once. With that in mind, have you ever heard of ‘Japandi’ style décor?

The term Japandi can sound odd, but the name is a logical choice for this kind of artistic styling. It combines Japanese decoration and Scandinavian style décor, hence the name Japandi. This trend has become very popular in recent years, with many households worldwide beginning to adapt their look and style to fit in with this very popular design choice.

It is an intriguing blend between functionality and aesthetic appeal, and it is for that reason that Japandi is such a highly popular choice. It is an interior design style that stands out almost immediately, creating a restful and welcoming design in our homes, offices, and places of work.

Japandi Style

What Are The Main Features Of Japandi?

The most common feature that makes Japandi so popular is the focus built around simplicity. The main Japanese inspiration within Japandi is known as ‘wabi-sabi’, and it is a Japanese philosophy that is all about living a slower, more thoughtful life. Simplicity is, therefore, at the base of most things Japandi. Unlike other styles that are popular in home decoration, Japandi looks to avoid overly bombastic colors and accents. It is less ‘in your face’ than many of the most popular design trends people follow today.

With that in mind, then, Japandi has become very popular today – and with good reason. Another big part of the Japandi culture, the more Scandinavian part, is known as ‘hygge’. This is a Scandinavian practice that is about embracing a sense of comfort and happiness – of approaching well-being as essential to our joy in life.

Japandi works because it takes the smooth and calming nature of Scandinavian furniture and combines it with the elegant functionality of Japanese styling. This creates a very welcoming and open-minded form of furniture and décor.

How Does Japandi Décor Look?

Most of the time, it is built by combining more neutral tones and textures. Natural materials are commonplace within Japandi designs. Instead of going down louder synthetic routes, this creates something a bit more universal – something almost certain to look good for years to come. This is a big part of the appeal of Japandi: it is not a ‘fad’ style that will look out of place in a few short years.

The designs and ideas are usually quite timeless, ensuring they look utterly fantastic in any setting. The minimalistic style also allows the personality of both of its inspirations – Japanese and Scandinavian – to shine through. Nothing overpowers the other, creating a very balanced and specific-looking end result.

While other décor trends tend to be quite loud and egotistical, Japandi wins the day because it is such a muted look. This retains a sense of charm and invention that always feels like it has a place in the room. The benefit of this is that most Japandi décor can be used in conjunction with just about any other style that you might decide to go for down the line.

The Benefits of ‘Less Is More’ Shine Through In Japandi

In recent years, it has felt like many design trends have been focused on who can be the loudest about creating artwork that is deep and evocative. Since both cultures are quite calm and minimalist by nature, it is easy for Scandinavian and Japanese styles to work together. Many of us have used a combination of both types in a room anyway: Japandi works it together as one.

The result is a design style that feels much more welcoming and tranquil than others, resulting in a much more relaxing atmosphere within the room. If you are looking to create a welcoming décor style that is not going to feel too excessive, then it is clear that Japandi is a style worth investigating a little further.

Another big part of Japandi is using natural materials to help bring together its works. The reduction of synthetic add-ons means that items tend to look more valuable. It also gives us a greater appreciation for the beauty we can create simply by using the materials made available through nature.

Again, that minimalist approach is one of the big reasons many are turning to Japandi for their next design inspiration. Creating that more minimalistic approach can help to design rooms that do not feel so specific and instead can be enjoyed by all.

A Marriage Of Compatible Styles

So, Japandi is a brilliant blend of two of the most popular interior design styles that you can find in the world today. The end result is a beautifully detailed-looking range of décor and furniture that can avoid the bombast and ego of other competing styles.

For those looking to imbue their home with a sense of calm and zen, this is the art style to pay close attention to. That harmonious combination is one of the big reasons why Japandi has become so popular – it brings together a sense of calm and relaxation brought to life through nature. Instead of going for abstract shapes or over-the-top color combinations, Japandi allows us to create beautiful simplicity without going to extremes. For that reason, this is a design trend that is going nowhere.

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