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The Psychology of Color in Home Décor

When decorating any room in our homes, it is important that we take into account the importance of color psychology. The color scheme that we choose will have a significant bearing on the way that the room feels. For example, if you want a room to have a calm and relaxing mood, you need to choose a color that promotes that way of thinking. By the same token, if you want to go down the route of making a room one that energizes you and brings out your creative side, it helps to paint the room in a certain color scheme.

The psychology of color in home décor has been a talking point for hundreds of years. Today, though, we understand it better than ever. To help you ensure that your home décor can feel perfectly fitted to the kind of color scheme you are looking for, here are some of the most typical color schemes that we use in home décor and an approximation of what it means for your home.

The Psychology Of Color In Home Décor


One of the most commonly used colors in home décor, blue makes a great choice when you want something quite stable. Blue makes sense for places where we want to create a sense of calmness and stability. For example, a home study or a home office might be a good place to think about going down the route of using blue.

Blue is a color we associate with intellect and calmness, making it ideal for bedrooms – especially for those who want a better night's sleep or need help getting settled in.


Another commonly used color in home décor today, green, makes a great choice for many homeowners. Green works well in areas where we want to promote a sense of calmness, tranquility, and restoration. If you are looking for a room that you can use this in, then places like your kitchen or your study can make a lot of sense.

Think about the rooms in your home that you retreat to when you want a bit of extra calmness and consideration. Green is a great choice for anywhere in your home where you wish to promote a sense of comfort and peace.


If you want a color that can stir emotions and get you energized, though, a few options are more suitable for home décor than red. We recommend that you use red in rooms where you can look to promote a sense of energy and action.

Red is a color that we often use in home offices, too, as it can be a good place to try and evoke a sense of power. You want to feel powerful while you work through the challenges of your day, and red is one of the best colors that you can use for that.


Purple is another common choice of color to use in our homes. For many, purple is a color that evokes a sense of two things: royalty and mysticism. It is a color that we often associate with imagination, too. If you are trying to decorate a home art studio, for example, purple could be a good color to use as your main color.

Purple is also great for kids' bedrooms, as it is a color that we often associate with sensitivity and calmness in life. If you want to help moderate your kid's moods, purple can help to create a calming bedroom that does just that.


One color that is increasingly common today in home décor is pink. Pink works extremely well as a color to help create an upbeat, happy mood. For example, waking up in a fresh, pink bedroom can make the day easier to start and interact with. If you are not great in the mornings, starting your day by looking at pink can be quite a good way to help change that mindset!

Pink is an inviting and friendly color, so it makes sense for anywhere you wish people to feel welcome. Pink makes us less aggressive, too, making it the ideal shade to return home to.


Increasingly popular today in rooms like living rooms and sitting areas, orange is a color that immediately stands out. It is a color that is also very suitable in exercise rooms and home gyms because we associate orange with a sense of upbeat, go-ahead, and energy.

However, orange is also a color that we associate with food and eating – as such, we can often use orange to help activate our appetite. Therefore, you might find that using some oranges in your kitchen can create that desire to cook quality food.


No color that we use regularly in this world can provide the same upbeat optimism and charm as the color yellow. We employ yellow in rooms where we want to evoke a sense of buoyant optimism and happiness. It is a color that lifts the mood and spirit, so look to spaces where you feel like people might need a bit of that uplift.

Bright shades of yellow can be extremely useful for lighting up people’s emotions positively. Avoid going too excessive with the amount of yellow, as too much yellow can lead to overstimulation. Avoid too much, especially if you are using yellow in bedrooms; it can make people, especially kids, overly active in their imaginations. Yellow, though, is a color that stimulates and drives emotion.

Need Help Matching Décor To Color?

If so, then you are in the right place. Urban Ashram provides easy access to fresh, unique home décor that can perfectly fit in with the style that you wish to create. Our aim is quite simple – to give you access to high-quality home décor that can match the kind of color psychology that you have applied to each room in your home. With our help, you can simplify the complex process of finding high-quality home décor that accurately matches-up with your chosen color psychology.

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