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High-Back Tufted Velvet Club Chair

High-Back Tufted Velvet Club Chair

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This High-Back Tufted Velvet Club Chair is a perfect addition for any room in your home. The tufting and curved sides add charm to the overall design. Every exclusive establishment has its own VIP seating area. You know, the seats everyone wants but that only a select few can have. These are said seats. Rich-looking and sophisticated, they scream “You’ve arrived” without uttering a single word. Put one or more in your room and let them do all the talking – while you sit back and take in the compliments. The plush seat is comfortable without compromise. This chair will be a great fit for a fireside evening or a chair to lounge around in.


27.5" x 33.75" x 38.5"


• Material: New Velvet, velvet
• Type: Living Room Furniture
• Style: Leisure Chair
• Color: Grey
• Design Style: Midcentury

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