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Velvet single seat Armchair Icon

Velvet single seat Armchair Icon

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This bold and unique vintage-style armchair is the ideal addition to your home. This wide, low-profile seat is a vision of Scandinavian comfort and beauty, with luxurious velvet seating and stylish rattan arms. This is a fan favorite in any room and comes in a golden-brown tone. The armchair combines mid-century modern elements with a more contemporary design. Its main feature, the rattan element that serves as an armrest and holds the upholstered back, makes it ideal for today's modern dining spaces.


20 x 18" x 29.5" H


-Design Style:Modern
-Material:Wood and velvet
-Frame Material:Solid wood
-Usage: Canteen, Restaurant, Dining Room, -Cafe Shop
-Color:Walnut Color

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