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Enrique Executive Desk

Enrique Executive Desk

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Introducing the Delilah Vanity Desk, a remarkable piece of modern office furniture that exudes elegance and uniqueness, now available at Urban Ashram. With its exceptional design that resembles a falling motion, this desk is not only functional but also a statement of style. Crafted with high-quality wood and wooden accents combined with marble, it showcases a stunning blend of materials. The dimensions of 102.4" x 47.2" x 29.5" and 84.6" x 39.4" x 29.5" offer ample workspace for all your office needs. The stylish and unique drawers and openings add a touch of sophistication while providing convenient storage options. The Delilah Vanity Desk is perfect for creating a modern and chic workspace that reflects your unique sense of style. Elevate your office environment with this exceptional piece that combines aesthetics and functionality flawlessly.


102.4" x 47.2" x 29.5"
84.6" x 39.4" x 29.5"


• Type: Office Furniture
• Design Style: Modern
• Material: Wooden, Wooden+marble

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